California Skeet Shooters,

The California Skeet Shooting Association is conducting an election for Directors.  The 6 candidates are individuals who provided their letter of intent by the end of the State Championships last May.  They are running for a total of 4 positions and will serve two year terms beginning November 2017.  The candidates are:

  • Kathryn Friesen Allen
  • Jack Campbell
  • Brian Johnson
  • John Lyman
  • Tina Stephens
  • Brad Young

To vote you must be a current NSSA member and name California as your home state.  The election will be run primarily electronically via “Survey Monkey”.  If you haven’t already received your ballot, an email will be sent with a link that will direct you to the balloting website where you will be asked for your NSSA number as well as your 4 votes.
The CSSA’s request for votes is being distributed to a known email list.  Great effort has been taken to assemble all known email addresses of California members.  Paper ballots are being sent to those members from whom we don’t have an email address.  Also, if your family is sharing an email address for several members you should request paper ballots.  Or, if you know a member who is unable to vote electronically, or wishes to receive a paper ballot they should advise Keith Phelps via email or telephone.
Keith’s information is:
Phone: (310) 483-3059
Thank you for taking time to participate.  Your vote is important.  The votes will be counted by California National Directors and the results will be presented at the September 23, 2017 meeting to be held at Stockton Trap and Skeet Club.  Per our By-Laws, this is a closed meeting for current Directors of CSSA. The new director’s will be notified and it will be posted on the CSSA website by September 29, 2017.
Lastly, I would like to thank all the candidates for volunteering for this important role.  Your commitment to assist skeet in California is greatly appreciated.

Michael J. Anderson