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Al Matsuno

Al Matsuno


  • Alfred “AL” Matsuno, Cell (310) 482-1459 or email:
  • NSSA & NCSA registered competition shotgun shooter & bird sportsman since1978
  • NSCA Certified & Insured – Level l Instructor for Competition Shotgun Shooting
  • 35 Year Member of NSSA, NSCA, CSSA, SCSA & SANSEI Shooters Organizations


  • Basic safety lessons for new shooters and fundamentals of clay bird shooting disciplines
  • Reasonable hourly rates for individuals, group or corporate instruction shooter packages
  • Experienced shooting instruction for skeet shooting, sporting clays & trap shooting
  • Tournament, Beginners, Ladies & Youth coaching techniques for the serious Competitor


  • Gun-fit, visual correction advice and technical conversion through mental mindset training
  • Serious shooters will build competition performance behaviors and establish winning shooting habits
  • Training modification to break bad habits with difficult targets and build confidence on problem stations
  • EzGo 4 passenger cart with gun racks and ammo storage available for use on sporting clays instruction

Disclaimer: The shooting instructors listed on the website are paid advertisers. The California Skeet Shooting Association (CSSA) its directors and officers do not endorse or recommend any of the instructors. It is the sole responsibility of the shooter in choosing an instructor. CSSA does not provide insurance coverage for any of the instructors and is not associated with their business. All instructors will hold CSSA, its directors and officers, harmless for any damages arising out of the shooting instruction.