Jack Docwiller passes

Long time friend Jack Docwiller passed away this morning, February 28 of complications from Pneumonia.

2018 Dust Them All Open

Rob McCormick wins HOA as well as posting his first 100 in the 20 Gauge event. Rob also wins the 410 event with a 93, edging out John Lyman in the shoot off. 12 Gauge Winners 20 Gauge Winners 28 Gauge Winners 410 Bore Winners Doubles Winners HOA Winners Score Summary...

2018 Vado del Rio Open

Mark Van Ryzin is Champion with 98. John Hough was B1. 28 Gauge Vado del Rio Open Winners Score Summary

2018 Crab Feed Success

The 6th annual Crab Feed Fundraiser was a huge success. Look at the prizes that were raffled off. And there were plates and plates of crab shell left over. We shot some skeet too.